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A Review Of Taking Stock: Nigerian Media And National Challenges

Media practice in Nigeria started mainly as a missionary effort, when Henry Townsend started the first newspaper, Iwe Iroyin Fun Awon Egba at Agbegbe Re in 1859, to promote literacy needed for reading the Bible. That effort however has given birth to one of the most vibrant media platforms on the African continent and it is worthy, at the end of a century to seek to review how the journey had been. Stock taking is a veritable human activity that helps to cross- check facts from fiction and realities from assumptions in the journey of life. And for a nation that has crossed the centenary landmark of an administrative arrangement which fused hitherto separate and independent ethnic groups into one political entity, taking stock at such a point is a given necessity. This is the focus of this book, Taking Stock: Nigerian Media and National Challenges.

The Introduction by Oluyinka Esan sets the tone for the 166-page book, looking at “Media Practises and National Challenges” with specific focus on Nigeria. This is followed by Adebayo Fayoyin’s Lessons for Advocates on the “Positioning of Children and Youth Issues in Media, Public and Policy Discourse within the context of Demographic Diversity” which is a warning on the need to pay greater attention to issues around children and youths given the projection that by 2050, Nigeria will have about 116 million people under age 30. His concern is therefore on “how to position issues that affect the younger population which is demographically significant” (Fayoyin, 2016:10). There is also an assessment of the “Dependency of Newspapers on the News Agency of Nigeria” by Abdulfatai Iyanda Babatunde, given the “the increasing use of new media by different groups of people” which has been made possible by easier access to the internet and now appears to be (or actually has eroded?) “eroding the relevance of news agencies” which once enjoyed the monopoly of distributing local, national and foreign news and other media contents and services. In their Case Study of Nigerian Indomine

BY: Oyeleye, Abiodun Solomon

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