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Communication and Balance of Influence: Asynnetries In Communcative, Informational and Risk Roles In The Ebola Crisis In Nigeria

The postmodern society is a risk society in that disasters are becoming less natural and more as a result of human activities in areas such as biotechnology, telecommunications and genetics. Disasters, strictly speaking, are not somuch visited on humans by nature anymore as they occur as a result of human risk-taking actions. Most often, the risks that are taken for the sake of progress result in environmental, health and other problems. The outcomes of increased risks in the world are problems that go beyond territorial borders; they have become global in nature. Drawing on the concept fo risk society and asymmetries in risk communication, this paper attempts a conceptual review of how risk communcation has evolved in terms of direction and purpose of communicatin and how influence in various dimenstions can play out in a real life situation. It usues as an example the communication that ensued between the federal government and public school teachers over the resumption date for public schools, following the federal government’s annoucement of the containmentof the Ebola Virus disease outbreak

BY: Oni, Babatunde Olagoke

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