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Economic Growth and Development: A Review Of The Experience Of Nigeria and Japan

The focus of this paper is to analyse the framework for sustainable economic growth and development from the perspectives of a developed and a developing country. The approach adopted in the paper is analytical. The two countries are Nigeria and Japan. A number of economic development frameworks were revired to compare and contrast the experiences of the two countries. These frameworks are: environmental sustainability; trade startegirs; demography; and transparency and accountality. It was observed that while the key issue bedeviling Nigeria’s stride to sustainable economic development is the absence of transparency and accountability in the conduct of public service, in the case of Japan it is bedeviled by the problem of managing an ageing population. For both countries, it recommended that there is, among othermeasures, the need for them to strengthen their national systems oftechnology and innovation and to eliminate all avenues of corruption if they are to make appreciable headway in the area of economic growth and development.

BY: Aminu, Abubakar Mikailu

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