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VOL3 No 2: Commercial Vehicle Messages Authorship In Kano: Transport Entrepreneur Exclusive Or Driver Inclusive

The success in the manufacture of the first automobile has transformed the global road transport system and altered the medium and direction of communication flow especially in Africa where automobiles are not only used as means of transportation but also as channels of communication. This study used Focus Group and In-Depth Interview research techniques to examine the authors, meaning/purposes and contexts of the popular textual and visual messages featured on commercial vehicles in Kano. The study found that public transport entrepreneurs are the exclusive authors of the messages as reflections of their social history, identity and experience. The study further found that there are rare instances of mutual or reciprocal authorship of public transport messages between transport entrepreneurs and drivers. In addition, transport literature is being used to solicit supernatural protection, stability and prosperity, to advance political interest and to advocate road discipline and safety. Moreover, the study found political, relational, ethnoreligious and benevolence as the major contexts which provoke the production and usage of transport literature. The study recommended an examination of the impact of these messages as forms of cultural communication.

BY: Ya├║, Hassan Alhaji

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